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Empowering women transform heartbreak into an intimate self-love revolution.

You are not broken but rather out of touch with your true self.

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My heart shattered all over again when the man I believed was my soulmate left without explanation. I was blindsided. One minute I imagined a future together, the next I was ghosted, deleted, abandoned.

The pain was excruciating. I cried endless tears and begged for another chance, clinging to any hope we could rebuild what crumbled. But my pleading met deaf ears. He had already moved on, leaving me drowning in heartbreak and confusion.

It gutted me to my core. I'd given him my everything (so I believed), believing he was The One, only to realize I'd fallen for another counterfeit of love.

Why did this keep happening? Why did I keep choosing men who I feel use and abuse my heart? Where was this desperation to be loved coming from? I realized a pattern that traced back to childhood - watching my dad break vows and betray our family. If my own father couldn't be true, how could any man?

But it went deeper than that. It was then that I realized I had been hiding from a deeper wound - the rejection from my father's side of the family. As a child, their indifference toward me planted seeds of unworthiness that grew vines around my heart.

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I wore rejection as my armor, keeping even those who cared at a distance. Heartbreak after heartbreak only affirmed what I had known since childhood - I was unworthy, defective, broken, and impossible to love fully.

Miami (my ex) was just the final straw that broke me open and forced me to face my deepest wounds - the ones I'd tried to patch up with surface-level fixes that never lasted. I had to let go of the pain I'd clung to for so long.

Finally, I got real with myself. I turned inward, and asked God to renew my heart. I knew He could take my tattered, doubted self and transform me with His perfect love.

Out of the ashes, I discovered my true worth. And found purpose in helping other women unearth their wholeness too. My mess became my message. My bygone heartbreaks, my breakthrough.

Date yourself to healing, self-intimacy, and self reconnection.